Wednesday, May 28, 2008

My first entry

Hello Mr. Frolich and fellow classmates! My name is Sara Stanford. I am taking this class as a prerequisite for the nursing program at Yavapai College. My goal for this class is to master the information that we will navigate through during the next 8 weeks.

Right now my favorite artist is a photographer that I found on Flickr. She takes incredible pictures of people's furry loved ones. Here is her site: Illona. She has a ton of photos, so if you have just a few minutes and want to take a look, I suggest looking through her set labeled "My Favorites."

A few things about myself....I grew up in a farming family in the midwest and worked on the farm every summer from when I was 12 until I was 23. My husband and I have been married for almost nine years, and we have both been racing mountain bikes for about 8 years. I love hiking and riding on the awesome trails in Prescott. I have 3 lovely sisters, 4 nieces, and 2 nephews.

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