Friday, June 13, 2008

Unit 1 Evaluation

1. What were the three aspects of the assignments I've submitted that I am most proud of?
I really enjoyed searching the internet for more information and finding interesting links and photos to add to my compendiums.
I spent alot of time on the entire unit completing the assignments and trying to learn all of the information.
I learned how to use Google Notebook. :) Thanks!

2. What two aspects of my submitted assignments do I believe could have used some improvement?
I need to be more precise with my compendiums.
I need to spend more time on the web links. There is a wealth of information there.

3. What do I believe my overall grade should be for this unit?

4. How could I perform better in the next unit?
Well I certainly learned that taking written notes while I read the first four chapters is not efficient. On the second major topic, I started writing my compendium while I read. That worked well. Now I want to continue to tweak and improve my compendiums.

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