Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Unit 2, Online Lab #2: A Day of Food

My screen shot from the Balance Mind, Body and Soul website.

-How healthy a daily diet do you think this is? Why?
I think this is a fairly healthy diet. It's pretty well-rounded...fruit, vegetables, whole grains, poultry, dairy. It does not include too much processed food.

-What would you change about this day's eating, if anything?
I did not like the sodium intake at all! The saturated fat is higher than I expected as well. This day was somewhat unusual in that I had lunch meat, which I do not normally have. Pasta is not an unusual meal for me, but pasta with sausage is. Those two items really up'd the sodium. Bottom line, I would like to see much lower sodium and saturated fat intake.

-Do you find this kind of nutritional tracking helpful? Why or why not?
I think it's great. In general, I think I have pretty healthy eating habits, but this kind of site lets you know exactly where you stand. What I don't like about this particular site is that (I'm assuming) the nutrition information is based on Sodexo's recipes. I very rarely add salt when I cook. I am assuming again that Sodexo probably prepares their dishes with more salt than I use. This exercise had definitely peaked my interest in nutritional tracking. I would like to use a site that allows me more control of all the ingredients....but at the same time that seems a bit overwhelming! And it might also defeat the purpose. I think the intention here is to give a person a general idea of what kind of diet he or she she has, not to get bogged down with the minutia.

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